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How To Enhance Your Vaping Experience?

by Whitney

Smoking is hazardous to health. Numerous studies show that around 70 percent of smokers fall prey to cancerous diseases; sometimes, they develop other health issues as well. Due to the hazards, smokers want to quit smoking and often use vapes to ease the transition.

Many authorities have regarded vaping as a solution for eliminating tobacco use while providing people with their nicotine dose. Typically, smokers migrating to vaping or veteran vapers don’t feel satisfied with regular vapes. Although, a vast line of fine products has hit the market to improve your vaping experience. But there are some other responsible factors as well.

Factors That Can Help Improve Overall Vaping

An Outstanding Vaping Device

Although many users consider the vaping device a second priority, it is an impactful factor in vaping. Poor vaping devices ruin your experience, as they cannot provide crispness and great flavors. Sometimes a fault in their construction may also alter the taste of the vaping liquid. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a reliable vaping pod system like the uwell caliburn a2.

Caliburn A2 features a sophisticated mechanism that provides high-quality flavors of e-juices in vapes. Moreover, the high-quality, non-scratchable, and non-dissolvable cartridges retain the liquid’s freshness for longer. Furthermore, it features an easy-filling feature with multiple drawing options to help you get the best.

Getting Good E-Liquids

After the vaping device, you’ll need suitable vaping liquids. Like all things, vaping liquids also range from cheap to expensive. Cheap juices have thinner liquids that cannot retain the flavor and may have higher traces of harmful chemicals.

In contrast, mid-tier to expensive liquids have good consistency and retain the flavor better. Moreover, they are laboratory tested for safety and eco-friendliness.

Getting The Perfect Ratio

The PG (propylene glycol) by VG (vegetable glycerin) ratio also affects the overall vaping experience. A higher concentration of VG enables voluminous clouds and lower throat hits. Generally, higher VG is better for beginners as it is sweeter and induces fewer allergies. In comparison, PG provides more throat hits and thin clouds.

Say No to Plastic Tanks

E-liquids with higher citric properties dissolve plastic, polluting the vaping solution. Therefore, it’s best to buy glass tanks as they are dissolve-resistant even with citric flavors. Fortunately, the Caliburn A2 has a durable cartridge that retains the flavor and prevents spills and impurities. Also, it is super easy to remove and clean.

Maintenance Is Necessary

Over time salt deposits will settle in your liquid tank. Hence, you must schedule a thorough clean-up every 2 to 3 months so the flavor remains consistent. Higher salt dispositions may change the entire juice taste, and you may find yourself spitting instead of vaping.

Don’t Ignore the Manual

Never overlook the importance of the manual. It explains the working of the vaping system and the ideal conditions to elevate its performance.

You must remember to check the battery after some time and ensure the charger is providing the necessary power. The vapors form due to the pod system’s heating mechanism; therefore, ensuring the system is working fine is essential.


Vaping eases the transition from smoking by providing the same experience and nicotine dosage. In addition, it is also popular in the new-gen community. Although it provides an innovative experience, some factors can improve your vaping.

The article points out the common factors many users overlook and end up with poor vapes. Vaping liquids and devices primarily determine your vape experience, but an expensive vaping pod will throw out poorly flavored vapes if it is not maintained!

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