Home Decoration Which is Better: A Sectional Garage Door Or a Side Hinged Garage Door?

Which is Better: A Sectional Garage Door Or a Side Hinged Garage Door?

by Whitney

Garage doors come in all shapes and sizes, and there are pros and cons to each type. Some people might be wondering which is better: sectional garage doors or side hinged garage doors? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of both types of garage doors so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Choosing between a sectional garage door and a side hinged garage door

One of the main decisions you need to make when replacing the garage door in your home is the style. A side-hinged garage door has an outward swing and can be a very attractive addition to your home. These doors are generally made of wood, but steel is also a good choice. They also offer more headroom when fully open and are ideal for homes with limited space. In addition, side-hinged doors can be purchased ready-hung in a frame, or you can cut a frame to fit your existing opening. These doors are usually made of wood but can also be fashioned with a more modern look using steel.

If you want a garage door that’s easy to maintain, a sectional model might be the best option for you. They are made of multiple hinged panels and run on tracks, which allow them to stay in place despite being slightly longer than a side-hinged door. This means that you can leave your car on the driveway without having to worry about it slamming against the doorway.


One of the most significant benefits of sectional garage doors is their security. These garage doors are built with a tough, steel panel that leaves few points of weakness for a potential intruder. This provides an effective deterrent to thieves. Security is also increased when a door has multiple locking mechanisms.

Sectional garage doors provide a high level of security while taking up less space than other types of garage door. In addition, they do not offer a visible point of entry, which makes them difficult for a burglar to access. A sectional garage door also features a sturdy steel frame and an efficient seal, making it virtually impenetrable from the outside.


Insulated sectional garage doors are available in a variety of panel designs and configurations, and can be installed with relative ease. Panel design is not as important as the overall insulation value for most commercial applications. Insulation value comes in two components: the thickness of the panel and the type of insulation material used. For example, a generic storage facility can be fine with a hollow panel door, but a mechanic shop may require a steel back door or foam-injected panels.

Insulated sectional garage doors have several benefits besides just being energy efficient. They can lower energy bills and protect the environment, and they can keep the indoor climate stable for many years. These doors are also ideal for commercial settings where heat loss is a concern.


The durability of a sectional garage door is very important, as these types of doors are an investment. Wood-constructed sectionals are heavy, and need regular maintenance to remain in good condition. On the other hand, aluminum-constructed sectionals need minimal maintenance. A professional technician should visit your home at least once a year to perform preventive maintenance.

A sectional garage door uses cables or torsion springs to lift up and lower. This makes the door easier to operate and reduces the force required to open or close it. These types of doors have many benefits over single-panel garage doors, including the ability to install windows, insulation, and additional hardware. They can also be customized to fit large openings.


The benefits of a sectional garage door are many. A sectional door offers both space and accessibility without taking up much wall space. This type of garage door can also be packed fairly tight, making it ideal for large items. Whether you have a large garage or a small one, a sectional garage door can help you maximize the space you have available.

Sectional doors also have a wide range of design options. Roller doors are limited in their designs and have horizontal slats, whereas sectional doors come in a variety of styles.

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