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Top 5 Tips for Buying an Aeroponic Tower Garden

by Whitney

Aeroponic technology allows farmers to grow pesticide-free plants without soil. This technology uses nutrient-rich mist to grow healthy plants. Are you planning to buy an aeroponic tower garden? Before buying an aeroponic tower garden, you need to know the technology behind it.  With this technology, you can now grow plants in your building or even the balcony.

Aeroponics is an advanced form of hydroponics. In this case, plants grow by using water, liquid nutrients, and air. The good thing about aeroponics is that plants grower faster as compared to traditional hydroponic systems. Plants that are grown through these systems are often more colorful, tastier, and healthier.


It is advisable to buy aeroponic tower garden kits that guarantee successful growth of your plants. Your tower garden kit should be made of high-quality materials. Look for garden kits that are made by manufacturers that comply with environmental regulations and quality standards. Some kits available are equipped with smart timers and pumps that connect to Wi-Fi. Some have LED grow lights.

Maintenance Needs

Most aeroponics tower gardens require minimal maintenance. You can even go for up to a month without checking up on them. This is because most of them come with water tanks to keep plants hydrated, fresh, and well-fed. However, this does not mean you do not pay attention to the maintenance needs. You should ensure your tower garden is well-maintained to provide maximum results.

Types of Plants

Some aeroponics tower gardens allow you to grow any type of plants. These are known as universal tower gardens. There are both indoor and outdoor models. Some outdoor models allow you to grow all types of plants other than trees and root veggies.

Customer Reviews

There are many online communities sharing information about hydroponics. Here you can get tips and ideas about how to install tower gardens. Before buying your aeroponic tower garden you should check these online communities. Make sure you buy from a company that provides adequate customer service.

Buy Online

You can now buy your aeroponics garden online. This will help you choose from a variety of tower gardens. Buying online gives you access to different deals and prices. Ensure carry out extensive research about the reputation of the seller.

Easy Setup

You want a kit that is easy to set up. Usually, the full kit is delivered in a single box. It should take you about 20 minutes to open and assemble your tower. If you are an expert, you are likely to take about 10 minutes. Always go for kits that do not need specialized tools for installation. Most aeroponic tower gardens do not come with seeds. You will need to get seeds from a local store.


Aeroponics might be the future of farming. You can use it to grow your small food plants in areas with limited spaces. This explains why this technology is popular among people residing in apartments. It is also used to grow weed in states where marijuana farming is legalized.

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