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What do you Get in Suorin Air Starter Kit?

by Whitney

The era in which smoking was cool is long gone. In its place, the modern world has adopted vaping, which looks cooler than traditional smoking. Since the price of everything which is trendy hikes up, it can be pretty challenging to get an affordable air starter vape kit that has all the quality features one wants in an e-cig.

If you’re one of those people who are trying to lessen their nicotine intake and want to switch from smoking to vaping, you have to buy a quality device. And there cannot be a better option than Suorin Air starter vape kit for this purpose. In this article, we will discuss all this Suorin e-cig and what you will be getting when you buy this. Read till the end!

Unique design

This design by Suorin air is specially made for those people who love small and compact vape designs. This vape comes in a card-shaped form and is extremely light in weight which on the scale is only 36.2 grams. Its dimensions are 45mm in length, and its height is approximately 88mm. To give a good hand feel to the customers, it features a metallic texture on the cover, and the thinness adds to it.

If you’re buying for aesthetics, you get full value for money because it has a very minimalistic design. On the bottom narrow corner edge, there is a small on/off button placed, and the USB charging slot and placed at the bottom.

Stable and strong battery

A vape with a battery that lasts longer and gives the vapers enough time to enjoy vaping is the one we all want. A weak and unstable battery is useless and cannot be depended upon. To eliminate this battery problem, the Suorin air started kit comes with a brilliant and strong 500mAh which can also be recharged at high speed. Since it is trusted and qualified with a UL8139 certificate, you can totally rely on this one.

Refillable cartridge

The more options, the merrier the vaper, and Suorin air understand the need for alternatives. You will get two fantastic cartridge options, namely; refillable e-cigs and pre-filled e-cigarettes. You can choose whatever meets your requirements because they both serve different purposes. Your daily use can be maintained by a 2ml atomizer.

Secure protection system

Protection of the user, as well as the money-invested device, should be protected from every possible danger. This vaping device knows how dangerous it is to make it without using any protection technology. So, the Suorin air starter kit comes with four types of security protection systems. These are open-circuit protection, 5s vaping protection, short-circuit, and low-voltage protection. This means that this device is highly dependable and safe to use anywhere, anytime.

Final verdict

When you buy or order a Suorin air starter vape kit, you will get an air pod kit with the box. Further in the box, you will see a USB fast charging cable and also a Suorin cartridge. Finally, there will be a user manual that will have all the instructions written on it so that you don’t get lost with the device. Buying this device will surely be the best decision you will make. It’s worth every penny!

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